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vegetable chopperThe job of preparing fresh food is easier with a vegetable chopper. Or call it a fruit slicer. Whatever you call it, chopping, slicing, even dicing are easier when you use the right tool. A vegetable chopper like one of these is ideal for those cutting chores in the kitchen.

Mandoline Style Vegetable Chopper

These are my favorite style for a  vegetable chopper. They are referred to as mandoline style. Uh, I’m not sure why, but they do. The shape makes me think of playing a string instrument while I’m slicing, chopping or whatever. Maybe that explains the name.

Each comes with a variety of different blades. They can slice in several different thickness, chop or even grate your vegetables and fruit. All you need to do is snap in the blade of your choice to the flat surface of your vegetable chopper to change what cutting you will be doing.

Safety and Easy Clean-up

Each vegetable chopper I’ve featured here is chosen not just for the ease of cutting, but also for the safety features they offer. They have a handle to use. You literally poke the spikes of the handle into your fruit or vegetable and make use of the handle to move the vegetable down the slicer. Your fingers stay clear of the blades the whole time.

This is a nice feature when you like to have your kids help you prepare foods. Their little fingers are protected as well. Of course, never allow children to use anything with a blade unless you are supervising them carefully.

Then, enjoy some very easy clean up. Nothing big to wash, just the items you used. These are dishwasher safe so your vegetable chopper is a fast clean up.

The Right Tools Make the Job Easier

I am a big fan of using the right tools in the kitchen. That always seems to make the job so much easier. With a vegetable chopper, slicing, dicing, cutting is easier.

If you like lots of chopped up vegetables, you may want to try a small kitchen appliance to help. A mini-chopper can be the perfect addition to your kitchen. But, remember to choose your small kitchen appliances carefully.

For all of us, a vegetable chopper is a handy tool to have in our kitchen gadgets drawer. Fresher fruits and vegetables and easier chopping all rolled into one.

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