The Value of Quality Pots and Pans

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Value-of-Pots-and-PansWhen my wife and I bought our latest set of cooking pans we opted for a complete set. It had all the basics and more. We use all of the pieces. We chose a medium-priced set that was well-built but did not cost more than my first car.

Cheap Pots and Pans and Their Problems

For me, cheap pans are not worth even buying. The coating flakes off very quickly and you can bet it is probably in your food. The handles usually become loose. Many models have no way of tightening them. When a handle becomes loose it makes for problems. You can spill hot whatever all over you or your dog. If your dog is like mine he sits by the stove and hopes for scraps to fall.

Many budget models will not keep their shape. Then your lid doesn’t fit properly and your food doesn’t sit evenly to cook. That can make meals a little harder to prepare. The list goes on and on.

The Value of Quality

Well-made pots and pans are great and worth the money, in my opinoin. They last a very long time if taken care of properly. Best of all, they can take some abuse without losing their shape.

When you have a nice set of pans it makes cooking more enjoyable. The food comes out as you expected with no surprises in some items not cooked all the way through or others overcooked.

The clean up time is faster and easier. Now, let’s get real here. That’s a very important factor.

The bottom line is, spend a little more on your pots and pans now to get better quality cooking time. Don’t make the mistake I made in the beginning with a cheap set. Your time in the kitchen will be more enjoyable.

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