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Fun-School-Lunches-BagsComing up with ideas for giving your kids fun school lunches isn’t hard. You just need to think like a kid. Which means way more creative than you probably are for your own lunches.

Surprises are a favorite way to make my kids lunches more fun. Colorful is another trick. Unique things that are kid-tasty can turn a boring lunch into a fun one. Here are some of favorites for you to try.

Surprises for Fun School Lunches

Whether you pack school lunches the night before or in the morning, a little surprise can be a great treat for your child. Try placing them in different positions within the lunch box. Right on top, tucked under a sandwich, taped to a juice box, even stuck on the side of lunch box.

  • Little love notes
  • Special stickers
  • A healthy surprise dessert
  • A surprise dip for fruits or vegetables
  • An extra serving of favorite fruit

Creating Colorful School Lunches

Colorful and kids just seem to be a natural combination. Which makes life much easier for us who make those school lunches, because the healthy fruits and vegetables are colorful. A little container of a combination of both green and red grapes makes a colorful treat for kids. Bite-sized carrot and celery pieces make another colorful addition to fun school lunches.

I have been known to add red food coloring to healthy cookie recipes to make a more colorful treat for my kids. It also makes a great surprise for their school lunch when they didn’t know I had made those cookies! has one of my favorite recipes, that my kids love.

Unique Treats for Fun School Lunches

If your kids like pasta salads for dinners, you can easily add them to school lunches. I often use bowtie pasta which makes a delightfully unique look to the pasta salad.

Try healthy muffins instead of sandwiches for something unique.

Of course, the favorite is fun shapes for sandwiches, healthy bars and cookies. Since my kids are animal lovers, those shapes turned up often in their fun school lunches.

Don’t be afraid to let your inner child out when planning school lunches. You may just discover that your kids will enjoy their lunch and eat it all!

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