Butcher Block Knife Sets

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Butcher block knife setHaving good knives handy in the kitchen is easier with butcher block knife sets. A good block will include all the different types of knives that are most common for your food prep needs. These sets are both quality knives and good butcher blocks to hold them.

Top Ratings for Butcher Block Knife Sets

Using good knives in your food preparation makes the chores easier. Having them handy is also important. As I reviewed the many options for butcher block knife sets, I put together my criteria for what makes them the best on my list.

Right off the bat was good quality knives. The best butcher block in the world means nothing if I don’t have the kind of quality of knives to make my kitchen chores easier. The knives had to the kind of quality that would hold up to many years of use, stay sharp and have the varieties that I like to use most.

The next criteria was the knife arrangement in the block. I want some room to change them around to suit my own needs. I want to be able to add in a special knife, or replace one of theirs with one of my own. That means the butcher block itself needed to have some flexibility.

Butcher Block Knife Sets Picks

The Chicago Cutlery butcher block knife set featured above is my top choice. The knife quality is good, the block is flexible for the knife arrangement and the price is good, too. There are some very expensive choices. But, I’m not a professional chef. Spending thousands of dollars just isn’t in my budget. These are excellent second choices based on my criteria and budget.

Using the Right Kitchen Tools

As a strong believer in making cooking chores easier, I discovered long ago that the right kitchen tools help. Good knives are one of the most important things I can have in my kitchen. Having those right tools handy makes tons of sense, as well. Yes, it’s going to take up some of my counter space, but that’s OK. When I can easily find which knife I want, the counter space is worth it.

If you happen to be left handed, you definitely want good quality left-handed knives. Add them to your butcher block knife set to make your cooking chores easier.

When it comes to knives, my view is get the best you can afford. The difference in your kitchen work will be noticed.

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