Bamboo Cutting Boards: Quality and Style

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bamboo cutting boardsCutting boards are basic essentials in the kitchen. Bamboo cutting boards are one of those quality and stylish ways to go. And for plenty of good reasons. Here are some of the best bamboo cutting boards along with those good reasons why.

What’s Best About Bamboo Cutting Boards

OK, they look great. We can all agree on that. The look of bamboo works with any decorating style in a kitchen. But, let’s go beyond just the looks. Bamboo cutting boards have lots more to offer us. And lots more to get us to choose them and use them. Here are just some of the reasons why I like bamboo cutting boards for my own use.

  • Durable: bamboo cutting boards will hold up for years of daily use.
  • Eco-friendly: bamboo is a natural and renewable source. That makes them great for those of us wanting to leave a better planet for our children.
  • Good for knives: bamboo cutting boards don’t dull our kitchen knives.
  • No skid: these boards are thick enough that they won’t slide on your counter. That is much safer for you while cutting.
  • No cut marks left behind: No matter how much you use your bamboo cutting boards, they won’t have cut marks in them. That means no food getting into the cut marks – no bacteria.
  • Lightweight: Bamboo is naturally one of the lightest weight woods, so the boards are not at all heavy. They are easy to handle when adding chopped foods to pans or bowls.

Sized Sets for Convenience

I’m one of those people who like to have a variety of sizes for my cutting needs. These bamboo cutting board sets have the kind of sizes I like to use. Most of my cutting is vegetables and fruit. That means smaller boards are best for my use. Which is why I chose these cutting boards sets to feature. Sizes that work for most cutting needs. Any essentials in your kitchen need to right for your use.

Caring for Bamboo Cutting Boards

Yes, there is a little care that’s needed for bamboo cutting boards. Take the time to season them first. It’s easy to do and will make a world of difference for the long-lasting durability.

These are not dishwasher items. But, they are easy to clean. A little soap and water, then set them to air dry. Bamboo dries fast so they are ready for the next cutting job quickly. Frankly, all I do is wipe the board clean before going to the next food to cut. Since the boards don’t hold bacteria or smells, I can cut a whole meal’s needs before I wash my bamboo cutting boards.

My overall review – you can’t go wrong with bamboo cutting boards. You can only go right. Choose the set you like best and enjoy years of great cutting.

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